Where Data Makes Strategic Decisions To Empower Your Business

We are BigInnov

BigInnov is a leading innovative digital company specialized in the area of Machine Learning, Data Management, Artificial Intelligence and end-to-end projects implementations. In BigInnov, we assist compagnies, organizations and start-ups to become data-driven decision makers through data automation, applying a cutting-edge Machine Learning algorithms, and implementing cloud-based technologies. Our goal is to develop solutions that fully take part in the daily management of your business and effectively contribute to its success. We translate your business needs and goals into a real data-driven success story.


Our Approach


The design of our solution starts by understanding the project objectives and requirements from business perspectives. Then we convert this knowledge into a Data Science or Artificial Intelligence project in which we define together the key business issues and clear, concise and measurable use-cases. Often this leads to the establishment of a proof-of-concept (POC). 


Data modeling is the core of every Data Science project, however in Machine Learning area, we can implement and/or develop different algorithms to achieve the same objective. BigInnov will assist you in choosing the best model to resolve your problem or enhance your processes and ensures that this model works perfectly to achieve the desired results.


Model deployment in an operational business process generally requires several technologies and coordination between different roles, such as: Machine Learning scientists, Data Engineers, Data Architects, DevOps,  Software Developers, and Business Professionals to ensure the reliable functioning of the model in the company’s production environment. 

Who we've worked with