About Us

Our history

BigInnov is above all a group of experts who cover a wide spectrum of trades around data Sciences. BigInnov is also a group of professionals who have worked together in multiple missions as consultants on different projects and as researchers in different scientific fields. As a result today BigInnov is a vast network of experts from academia and digital sector who like to talk to each other to solve complex technical and scientific problems.

The founders

Amine JAOUADI received his Ph.D from Paris-Sud University – France in the field of Computational Physics: a multidisciplinary field that uses advanced computing capabilities to understand and solve complex problems.
He served concurrently, as a lecturer at Paris-Sud University and as a researcher at different national laboratories, before he moved to University College London (UCL) as a research associate.
He played a key role at Qatar National Research Fund as Science Program Manager. His role includes, but it is not limited to, developing and managing competitively funded research projects in a wide range of disciplines, such as: Physics, Mathematics, Computing Sciences, Artificial Intelligence and Technologies.
Abderrahim BAHLOUL
Abderrahim BAHLOUL has worked in the IT sector for more than 15 years. He holds a Master’s degree in Fundamental Mathematics.
Abderrahim worked several years with key project decision makers for the design and deployment of enterprise-wide Business Intelligence (BI) solutions based on SAP technologies. Most projects were aimed at improving business performance in terms of increasing revenues, reducing costs, and improving productivity.
His expertise covers a variety of operational domains like performance insight optimization topics, definition of a BI strategy and the modeling of KPIs, Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, and designed BI roadmaps integrated within the overall ERP and information system.

Who Are We

We are a multidisciplinary skilled team composed  of :
– Data Scientists
– Data Engineers
– Data Project Managers
– R&D Experts
– Big Data Architects
– Professors & Instructors

What We Do

We assist companies and organisations in their digital transformation by using effectively their data in improving their competitive edge and developing their business.

Our Mission

A constant business commitment with a focus on empowering companies to leverage and manage their data smart, efficient and compliant.