Cloud Data Migration

The first success of our laboratory

BigInnov has developed a cloud data migration tool called Mirage which allows you to migrate your data from your different databases to several clouds.


Mirage is a proprietary tool built for migrating data from a relational Data Base (ODBC connector) to cloud storage based on Parquet file format.
Mirage is cloud agnostic, high performance (up to 1 TB per 24 hours), designed to minimise impact to the data source (doesn’t cause high load) and easy to use (simple one shot command line to unload a table).
The data in the target cloud is ready and form a basis for a Datalake, and ready to be queryable:
1)  Using a ready disturbed query engine with access to the cloud storage. For example Presto, Spark, etc.
2) The user choose to unload the source table in different parts (to increase the throughput in a controlled manner for example) a minimal transformation processing is required to recombine the parts and make them queryable.

Services offered

We offer our expertise as consulting on Mirage deployment and configuration with respect to the data migration technical requirements :
1) Install, configure (with assistance ) and run the Data Unload jobs.
  • Consulting on configuration query systems in the target cloud system
  • Test queryability of the unload data in the target cloud system.
2) Additional consulting can provided on the query performance optimisation of the unloaded data for instance transformation into a proper data lake, such as:
  • Consulting on PoCs for opening up analytics use cases which might have been previously infeasible
  • Consulting on continuous upload services (bringing updates from source system to target system).