Machine Learning

The revolution of Big Data &
Advanced Machine Learning

Our era is witnessing a very fast-paced progress in the field of Machine Learning and in general in Artificial Intelligence, which has generated new use-cases in terms of business needs and/or improvements. Today we talk a lot about Big Data or Massive Data.  Statistics say that 2.5 trillion bytes of data are generated every day and it is accelerating exponentially over time. As most enterprises and companies are being connected to the Internet, the usage of applications, software, e-mail and websites has become pervasive in the world of business. As for individuals the widespread use of smartphones and emerging tools such as connected media and TVs adds more and more to this huge volume of data that companies have absolutely to explore in order to get the most value products and services. 

In addition, there is a large variety of data that can be found in text, audio, video or image forms and in structured formats such as conventional databases, as well as in unstructured formats such as data blogs, social networks or log files generated by applications. The speed at which data arrives has also become more complex over time since today we have to count in real time, such as the geo-location signals from our mobile phones. Today Big data technologies make it possible to store these large volumes of data. Machine learning makes it possible to analyse this massive and heterogeneous data through the wide range of its data science algorithms.  

BigInnov supports companies, organisations and institutions in their projects around intelligent data processing, data science and digital transformation. Whether you want to enrich your 360° clients-vision, an effective fraud detection, or if you want to explore new problems or build data-related units, our experts are here to support you in achieving your projects successfully.