Research & Development

Lab as a service

Biginnov is also a team of high-level researchers and developers dedicated to the study of scientific and technical bottlenecks that you may encounter in your own laboratories or in some of your use cases in data science.
Researchers at BigInnov’s laboratory are scientists attached to a multitude of Universities around the world. They have written dozens of articles in scientific journals specializing in mathematics, in computer science and in physics. They have given lectures in Europe, the United States, the Middle East, and Africa. It is this expertise that BigInnov makes available to companies to work on research subjects in close collaboration with organizations and in particular with their own research and development teams.
Thus, Biginnov offers you a personalized R&D service in the form of a proof of concept (POC) to help you enrich your thoughts around your problems.
The scientific and technical fields that are part of our centers of interest are numerous. We obviously count Machine Learning and in particular Deep Learning but also energy and efficiency issues around distributed registers like blockchain, hashgraph and other technologies of the same family. Finally, we are also interested in the theme of connected objects and in particular smart cities.
Let’s meet and discuss how can we assit you.